We need to support our law enforcement and I call for violent criminals to be caught, convicted, and imprisoned. In particular, I believe drug laws should be more strongly enforced. We need to hire more police where needed.


Government Waste

My top priority is to rein in wasteful spending like the Metropolitan Council, MNSURE, Medicaid, stadiums, light rail, and DHS. I think many programs were allowed to waste a lot of money. Oversight has been lacking under Gov Walz. Better auditing is also needed.

I believe we should stop light rail construction. The Green Line and the Green Line Extension (Southwest Light Rail), for example, have been abysmal failures. The Green Line has slowed down traffic on University Ave and also on I-94. I have opposed light rail for over 40 years and I was right to do so. I believe mass transportation as it is in the Twin Cities is a 19th century solution to 21st century transportation problems, though I take the bus or ride my bicycle whenever it is practical. I like the idea of the Houston Wave, a jitney system ( century). I think we should move to a ride on demand system using our cell phones.



The way to provide housing for those with low incomes is to help them raise their income, lower taxes, and keep interest rates low. I don’t believe that raising taxes makes housing more affordable in the long run. I favor minimizing burdensome regulation. I would also look at allowing manufactured housing. I think house flippers have helped address housing issues and perhaps the state can work with them to address more housing issues.



I was a licensed teacher for 10 years. If you look at ratings of schools in my district on the ratings are very low in spite of high funding. Money isn’t the answer. The school board is a problem since it is dominated by the teachers union. More school choice would help. Firmer discipline would help. I also believe that if a student fails in every subject he should change to a more suitable school.


Covid Restrictions

Gov. Walz has been too heavy-handed. We need to pass legislation that limits the amount of time that a governor can have executive power and lockdowns.The state also needs to reassure the business community that we will better protect their businesses from looting, arson, and vandalism.


Taxing energy,  not income

I believe that a revenue-neutral carbon tax is the best way to conserve natural resources and slow global warming. In other words I favor lowering income taxes and making up for the lost revenue by raising energy taxes. I believe both parties can endorse this.


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